To ensure efficiency of the trade business you need to be on top of purchases, sales, cash flow, buyers and suppliers settlements.
AS-Trade system will help to solve these problems in depth, automate trading organizations processes and facilitate the management.
The system provides full automation of purchases, sales and warehouse processes management. It is designed for retail shops mainly and has some features that are important for small organizations.
System installation and use are very simple due to intuitively conceivable structure.
System technical requirements are not high; therefore, the organization does not usually need to acquire additional hardware or software for system operation.
Training and comprehensive support help users to use the system at its best and efficiently manage trade organization processes.
Cloud version of AS-Trade system is also available. Databases and backups of cloud version will be stored in the cloud. This will give you 24/7 access to your data and significantly reduce cost of operating the system. Users will not need to buy expensive servers and spend money on complex network solutions.
AS-Trade is integrated with b2b.armsoft online platform. b2b.armsoft platform involves a complex of informative tools, enables to exchange documents thus automating important business processes. Platform’s features can be used directly from AS-Trade system.
Integration of AS-Trade system with new generation cash control machines and trading devices simplifies sales process and enables to serve customers quickly. The system is integrated also with AS-Accountant, AS-InternetBank and e-Invoicing system of State Revenue Committee which make the work even more productive and allow enormous time saving.


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