AS-Accountant 7

AS-Trade 7

AS-Accountant 7 system is new generation accounting system in which latest programming technologies were developed. The system provides complete automation of accounting, it also has several features that are important for medium-sized companies. 

AS-Trade 7 system was designed specially for midsized and small trading companies. The systems enables to manage all the main processes of companies engaged in retail and wholesale trade and warehouse operations.

Free systems

gallery/bookkeeper 6

AS-Bookkeeper 6

AS-Bookkeeper system was developed specially for small organizations and includes such features that are important for the accountants of those companies.System installation and its later work are very simple and do not require the presence of technical specialist or accountants’ deep training. 

gallery/marketplace 6

AS-MarketPlace 6

You have opened your first shop and you cannot afford purchasing shop management system yet. Or maybe you have a small shop and it is not expedient to purchase a system. Armsoft makes a present to all small shops giving new generation AS-MarketPlace system to them for free. You can perform all important operations of a shop with AS-MarketPlace system.