You have opened your first shop and you cannot afford purchasing shop management system yet. Or maybe you have a small shop and it is not expedient to purchase a system. Armsoft makes a present to all small shops giving new generation AS-MarketPlace system to them for free. You can perform all important operations of a shop with AS-MarketPlace system.


  • quick customer service
  • application of barcode scanners
  • accepting cash payments and calculation of change
  • making percentage discounts
  • sales on credit and settlements with buyers
  • printing receipts
  • application of cash control machines
  • sales of goods by weight
  • managing and printing price lists
  • printing price tags


  • purchasing goods
  • calculation of good’s prime cost in weighted average method
  • settlements with suppliers


  • sum and quantitative turnover and balances of goods
  • sum and quantitative volume analyses of sales
  • debts and credits of buyers and suppliers
  • incomes and expenses
  • analytical diagrams
  • Payment with QR code

AS-Trade system is integrated with PayX , Idram and Telcell payment systems. This enables stores to accept payments made from smartphones and makes customer service fast and easy. All you need to do is to scan the QR code and confirm the payment.


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